15 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

There is no denying that LinkedIn is the leader in professional social networking and can be an incredible tool for job seekers. While many applicants focus on finely tuning their resume and cover letter, it is important not to disregard your LinkedIn profile. A clean, clear, and up-to-date profile can do wonders for job searchers, especially since it is one of the first things recruiters and employers see when you apply for a position. To ensure your profile is top-notch, follow our 15 tips below and impress your network and potential employers alike. 

1. Customize your URL with your full name if available

2. Select a high quality, professional, and personable photo

3. Add a background photo that reflects your city or industry

4. Draft an eye-catching headline to ensure you stand out

5. Discuss why you are passionate about your career in the summary

6. Ensure all work experience positions are listed clearly

7. Quantify your experience to clearly demonstrate your abilities

8. Avoid overused buzzwords that have lost their impact

9. Clearly highlight any notable accomplishments or awards

10. If relevant, include image and video examples of projects

11. Only include relevant skills that you are truly proficient in

12. Remember to highlight soft skills as they are just as important

13. Endorse other’s skills as they will likely endorse you in return

14. Reach out to your network for recommendations

15. Start posting content about yourself and your industry