5 Reasons to Hire Through a Recruiting Firm

Companies looking to hire know that they need skilled and driven professionals in their open positions as soon as possible. That is where recruiters step in. Working with a recruiter will ensure your organization’s open positions are filled with ease and satisfaction. If your organization has not worked with a recruiting firm before, Abacus Group is here to assist with any open Accounting & Finance, Administrative Support, Human Resources, Marketing, or Information Technology positions. Below are just five of the reasons that hiring through a recruiting firm will be a huge benefit to your company.

1. Recruiters will partner with you through the process

Working with a recruiting professional means you have someone to guide you and your organization through the hiring process, from drafting the job description to signing the offer letter. Recruiters will be there to answer your questions, talk through your concerns, and make sure you find the candidate you are looking for.

2. Recruiters know how to get what you are looking for

Before starting each search, your recruiter will sit down with you to discuss the responsibilities and requirements of the position as well as what hard and soft skills you need the candidates to have. This will allow them to correctly identify the candidates that will be the best fit for the position and your company culture.

3. Recruiters have a database of exceptional candidates

While internal searches start from scratch, recruiters already have a database of candidates from all industries background who are open to exploring new opportunities. This allows the recruiter to start submitting quality candidates to you quickly and get the position filled faster than if you had to search through candidates yourself.

4. Recruiters know the market and how to maneuver it

Staying up to date with the job market and industry trends make recruiters a wealth of knowledge to you. Furthermore, they will discuss with you how the current job market and industry trends will affect your search and explain how they will work to mitigate any potentially negative factors to ensure your search is successful.

5. Recruiters save companies time and money

Working for a recruiter almost guarantees your open positions will be filled quicker than having someone internally oversee the search. Not only do recruiters have a keenly trained eye for reviewing resumes and assessing candidates, but they can skillfully navigate through every step of the process to ensure you and your team have as little stress as possible.