Finding the Right Company For You

When job searching, most prospective employees first evaluate the job description. They assess the responsibilities requires, the background needed, and the benefits and growth that could come with taking on the role and apply if they think it’s the right fit. But after the apply button had been clicked, it’s time to determine if the company hiring is the right fit as well.

Researching and evaluating your potential employers will allow you to decide if it’s the right place for you to work. The position itself is not all that matters and neglecting to examine the other factors could result in you joining a company that isn’t the right fit for you. To best evaluate, answer the following questions, and consider if your wants and needs align with what the employer will offer.

Do their mission and vision statements speak to you?

Taking the time to assess a company’s mission and vision statements will give you great insight into what the company is looking to accomplish in the future and determine if your career goals align with their goals.

What is your ideal work environment?

Companies configure their offices in all sorts of ways, so figuring out if you’d be more focused in your own cubical, a shared workspace, or at home can help to eliminate companies where you’d be less productive.

How much autonomy do you want?

While interviewing, try to gauge the management structure and how involved your supervisor would be in the work you’d be doing. If your boss seems like a micromanager, it might be hard to enjoy working there.

Are you an independent or collaborative worker?

Most companies require that you do a little bit of both, but if you prefer to be left alone, avoid places that prioritize collaboration or if you thrive in a team, avoid roles where you’d primarily have to be independent.

What culture characteristics are you best suited for?

From sponsored happy hours to diversity programs, evaluating a company’s culture won’t only give you a glance into what it will be like to work there, but will also allow you to compare if your company culture preferences with theirs.

How long do you plan on staying at this company?

Some people look for an office to spend their career at, while others never plan to stay for more than a few years at any company. Seek out companies where most employees have the same timeline that you’re looking for.