How to Ace Your Final Round Interview

Getting to the final round of the interview process is both incredibly exciting but definitely nerve-racking for any job seeker. At this point, the hiring team knows you have the potential to fulfill the position to the standard they are looking for, but they do not know for sure. To ensure you receive the cultivated offer letter, it is imperative to not rest on your laurels and continue to prove that you are the best choice for the position.

Review Your Research and Notes

While you should already have a solid idea of the position and company, do not rely too much on your memory. Review the notes you have already have and research anything new that was brought up in previous rounds to ensure you are fully knowledgeable and ready to have an informed conversation.

Know How to Set Yourself Apart

If you have reached the final round of interviews, they already know you have the right knowledge and experience to take on this position. Thinking on what you discussed in previous rounds, pinpoint what sets you apart and why you are the right candidate to offer the position to.

Have New Antidotes at the Ready

By the final round of interviews, you will most likely be talking with people you met in previous rounds. If this is the case, be sure to share a new example of the impact you made in your previous positions. If you repeat the same antidotes, they might wrongly assume those are your only accomplishments.

Be Prepared to Discuss Salary

Do not bring it up, but one of the interviewers may ask what you are looking for in terms of salary or benefit. To ensure this does not catch you off guard, outline what you would like to receive, keeping in mind the advertised salary range if there was one.

Brainstorm Your Final Questions

As opposed to asking questions about the position in specific, a final round interview is a great time to ask about the company’s culture, growth, and plans for the future. Questions like “What are the company’s current goals and what are the planned steps to achieving them?” will show that if offered the position, you will be able to help get them where they want to go.

Leave as the Obvious Choice

While this is something that you cannot guarantee happens, the final round interview is the last chance to show you are whom they should hire. Prepare thoroughly, be professional yet personable, and let your talent, drive, and skills shine through, and there is no way they can say no.