How to Attract the Best Talent with Your Job Posting

Going through numerous hiring cycles while struggling to find the right candidates can be a frustrating process. If you feel your business can’t find the right talent, you are in the right place. Many businesses tend to sabotage themselves by posting job descriptions that properly allow them to reach the right talent and meet their recruitment goals. To help your business attract the right talent, follow our five top tips below.

1. Stand Out from the Crowd

This is a common issue for job postings because they often look very similar to other companies’ postings. Look at online job boards for similar positions and determine what you could do differently to stand out and attract the attention of your desired candidates. It is key to steer clear of overused phrases and commonly used expressions.

2. Make it Intriguing to Read

Job postings often use impersonal and detached language, making them feel overly professional and boring to read. Your ideal candidate is not going to want to work at a stagnant and dull company. Make the post engaging by being dynamic and lively in your descriptions. Before posting your job for candidates to see, ask yourself if this is a position that you would apply for.

3. Include the Right Keywords

When writing the job posting, make sure that you use a standard job title and phrases that will correspond to what your ideal candidates are searching for. The first thing many candidates do when searching for a job is looking up various job titles and responsibilities on job boards or Google. Without the right keywords and phrases, your posting may not even be seen by the type of talent you are looking for.

4. Attract the Right Type of Candidates

Before writing your job description, brainstorm who your ideal candidate is. Rather than making a list of ten must-have qualities, try narrowing it down to 3-4 qualities your ideal candidate should possess. Be realistic and don’t ask for more than you can find or pay for. This will help guarantee that your ideal candidates will come across your posting.

5. Communicate Company Culture and Core Values

Share information about your organization’s culture, like its mission and vision, what the job would really be like, and the type of person you are looking to add to the team. A job listing is a great place to show what it’s like to work at your company. Be sure to mention the benefits you offer, if employees can work flexible schedules, or other factors that promote work-life balance.