How to Build Your Professional Brand

In an age where professionals are expected to be more than a resume, building a brand for yourself is vital. However, it’s not as easy as labeling yourself as an Accountant, Marketer, or IT professional. You need to determine what makes you stand out amongst your peers and use your experiences and achievements to make yourself known as an individual. Following the steps below, you will be well on your way to building your professional brand.

What Do You Want to be Known as?

When branding yourself, you first need to decide how you’d like to present yourself to the public. If you’re an up and comer, focus on what you step you have taken to accomplish your long-term goals. If you’re more established in the industry, make sure to highlight your knowledge and accomplishments that make you unique.

Define Your Audience

Whether you’re looking to catch the eye of your network of peers, potential employers, or future investors, tailoring the content you put out to a specific audience. It will prevent your brand from getting lost in the shuffle and ensure the people you want to see it, will see it.

Make Yourself Accessible

There’s nothing worse than making a great impression on someone, but they don’t know how to make contact with you. On all print and digital marketing materials you make, make sure your full name, phone number, email, and LinkedIn profile are all listed clearly and follow up with contacts within 24 hours.

Remember that Print isn’t Dead

Look for opportunities to write and publish articles in industry-related publications. Not only will this get your name out to other professionals in your field, but it shows a level of education and sophistication that is often lost when people focus too much on creating digital content.

Develop Your Digital Presence

Just because you’re putting yourself out there, doesn’t mean you’ll be seen. After every accomplishment or success, make sure to share a post about it on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your personal website. Additionally, consider making separate profiles for your professional brand.

Support Others to Get Noticed

To help expand your network and notoriety, make sure you’re actively connecting with other professionals. By celebrating their accomplishments and commenting on their digital content, you’re not only making great connections but are also opening your brand up to a new audience.