Rethinking Your Work Routine to Keep Your Office Healthy

If you will be returning to the office soon, it is important to think about how you will need to adjust your work routine to keep yourself and your co-workers healthy. While we all know we need to be wearing masks, sanitizing our hands, and keeping six feet apart, there are other changes you will want to make. Before your first day back in the office, review our list of ways you can adjust your work routine to ensure your office remains a healthy place for all.

1. Prepare your coffee and breakfast at home

2. Pack your lunch with utensils and napkins

3. Avoid handshakes and keep greetings to waves

4. Keep masks on while talking with co-workers

5. Continue to hold meeting and presentations virtually

6. Avoid reheating foods in the communal kitchen

7. Eat lunch at your desk or separate from co-workers

8. Refrain from touching the copier and printer

9. Keep extra masks and hand sanitizer at your desk

10. Clean your computer and desk area before leaving