Setting Yourself Apart From Other Candidates

Job seekers are more active than ever, meaning it is critical to set yourself apart from other applicants. To do so successfully, you must put time and consideration into every application you submit. By following our advice below, not only will you stand out to hiring managers, you will prove you are the obvious choice for the position you are applying for.

1. Research is everything

The average candidate will read over the job description and maybe the company’s bio before submitting their application. To truly stand out, you need to take your research further. Looking into the company’s history, reading their mission and vision statement, and assessing their recent accomplishments will give you a clear picture of the organization and help you better demonstrate why you would be the best fit.

2. Highlight what they are looking for

Once you gain a strong understanding of the company and position, assess how your background aligns with what they are looking for. Print out the job description and note where in your resume you discuss having experience with each responsibility they mention. If you do not meet one of the requirements, be sure to mention how you can fill in the gap.

3. Quantify your abilities and achievements

It is easy to say you have the ability to carry out the responsibilities of the position, but it will not make you stand out. Additionally, discuss how quickly you can accomplish a task or how many times you have completed a certain type of project. This will not only show you can do what they need but that you can do it in an efficient timeframe while still producing quality work.

4. Discuss your character with your qualifications

Many candidates focus solely on hard still, which while important, does not give the hiring manager a complete idea of what kind of employee you are. Discussing your work ethic, integrity, trustworthiness, and time management skills will show that you are a person of character who will be a positive presence within the organization. Employers know that company success is not only dependent on employee qualifications but also their character.

5. Show your excitement for the position

Perhaps the most important tip is to not only show that you can do the job but that you want to do the job. Passion is vital for success in any role and if you are not excited about the position’s responsibilities or the organization’s mission, they are going to find someone else who is. Conveying enthusiasm about taking on this position and contributing to the overall success of the company will cement your standing as a top candidate.