The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Staff

As offices begin to reopen and many industries are seeing an increase in business, hiring temporary employees can provide a much-needed extra set of hands for your organization. Abacus Group offers temporary staffing services for Accounting & Finance, Administrative Support, Human Resources, Marketing, and Information Technology professionals who have the skills to assist your company as you need. If your organization is looking to hire in these areas, below are just a few reasons why taking on temporary employees will be a great benefit to your business.

They are a stress-free hire

Hiring permanent professionals takes time, often weeks, and depending on your organization’s needs, you might not have that time. Working with a recruiting firm, like Abacus Group, will ensure you meet with talented and driven candidates who are able to start within a matter of days.

They are adaptable and ready to go

Because many contractors are experienced with temporary positions, they know there is no time to waste before getting to work on the first day. Eliminating the need for lengthy training means the job will be done in a timely manner and will give your organization a more immediate return on investment.

They provide staffing flexibility

If your company is looking for help with a specific project or just needs a few extra hands for a bit, hiring temporary employees is the best solution. Furthermore, during times of economic uncertainty, it is better to take on temporary employees who can be let go if needed.

They are more cost-effective

When hiring temporary employees through Abacus Group, your organization does not need to worry about payroll or benefits. This means your organization is only responsible for paying for the hours the employee worked, making temporary employees a lot more cost-effective.

They can become permanent placements

While you may not hire with the intention to do so, organizations often take on temporary staff as full-time employees after observing the individual’s skills and dedication. At Abacus Group, many of our candidates who were initially hired for temporary work had great success and were employed permanently.