Tips for Starting a New Job While Working from Home

The first few days at a new job are normally filled with feelings of excitement and opportunity. But now that most companies are working virtually, it may feel more ambiguous and uncertain. Unless you have worked from home before, you probably have not needed to onboard online, let alone create connections with your colleagues. However, staring a new job while working from home does not have to be as daunting as it may feel, especially if you follow our tips below.

1. Send an introductory email to everyone on your team

Since you will not have the opportunity to introduce yourself in person, emailing your new team is a great way to make a positive first impression. Briefly discuss your career so far and some responsibilities of your new position that you are excited to take on. Additionally, including some personal facts or interests will help you make meaningful connections with your co-workers.

2. Assess how your co-workers communicate

Whether your office uses email or a messaging system, take note of how they communicate with you and each other. Some teams keep communications very professional while others are more relaxed and allow for abbreviations and emojis. While you are assessing their communication style, stay on the professional side and make sure to do a spelling and grammar check before sending anything out.

3. Listen carefully, take notes, and ask questions

Every company’s onboarding process is different, and now that all training is being done online, focus and flexibility are key. Keep your workspace free of distractions and have paper and a pen by your side all day to jot down anything you think is of importance. Finally, ask questions just as you would in person or for clarifications if there are any audio glitches.

4. Schedule a weekly meeting with your manager

Your supervisor might suggest this before you get a chance to but, by the end of your first week, schedule a weekly catch up meeting with them so you can build a strong working relationship with them. Not only will this give you a chance to get any guidance you may need, but it will also give you the opportunity to get some valuable mentorship from a key figure within the company.

5. Plan a virtual happy hour to build personal connections

While a weekly meeting will give you the chance to connect with your boss, you also want to build relationships with your co-workers. Suggest a virtual happy hour at the end of the week, even if only for an hour, to get to know everyone on a more personal level. Creating strong connections with your team will give you a great support system and help you all work better together.