What Not to Stay During a Job Interview

When preparing for an interview, many job seekers focus solely on what questions will most likely be asked and brainstorming answers about their experiences and skills that will set them apart from their competitors. However, it is important to remind yourself of what not to say, as having one of these phrases slip out accidentally could ruin your chance of getting invited back for the next round. To avoid being blindsided and saying the wrong thing, review our list of what not to say during a job interview.

1. “I don’t like my current job/position”

Most job seekers know not to bash their current job, but it isn’t uncommon for interviewers to inquire about why you are looking to leave your job and this answer is given more often than you would think. A better alternative would be to share why the job you are interviewing for caught your eye and start explaining why your experience would make you a good fit.

2. “My boss and I don’t get along”

There is a good chance you will be interviewing with the person who would be your direct supervisor, so saying anything negative about your current boss is a definite no-no. Instead, if you are asked about the relationship you have with your current boss, keep it positive but brief. For example, “We work really well together, and their knowledge of the industry allowed me to learn so much.”

3. “My current company isn’t the right fit”

While finding a job that has a great company culture is fantastic, it isn’t necessary, and you don’t want to make the impression that your focus is finding a company with happy hours and free bagels in the morning. You are there to do the job to are applying for and, especially during an interview, you want to show them that is your top priority.

4. “I want good work-life balance”

Similar to discussing company culture, mentioning work-life balance isn’t the best idea during a job interview. While most employers want their employees to have a great balance between their personal and professional life, their priority is that you complete your responsibilities to the standards they expect, and they want to know that is your priority too.

5. “I hate…” or “I can’t…” or “I don’t…”

No company wants a negative presence in the office and making the impression that you are anything but a positive person will hurt your chances of getting hired. Instead of using one of these words, phrase your answer in a positive way. For example, instead of saying “I don’t know how to use that software”, say “I have previously used another software and can learn new technologies quickly.”

6. Any curse words or profanity

This should be a no-brainer, but no matter what industry or field you work in, it is never okay to use curse words or profanity during an interview. If you accidentally slip up, immediately apologize, restate what you were saying, and move on. Try not to let it affect your confidence but be sure to stay completely professional for the rest of the interview, so hopefully, they let it pass as a nervous mistake.